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Serving as a rough-draft for introspection and mode for processing my life expirience, my paintings explore an inner landscape woven among the collected relics of an external voyage. Various patterns and abstracting components offer to embody the connection and correspondence that takes place between the two. My compositions develop through the piecework of discovering how gathered insights and experiences have the potential for great harmony and/or mystery on canvas.  These curations strive to capture a mere visual likeness of what can only be described as a spiritual journey, guided by the rhythms of nature. After discovering the balm of mindfulness and maintaining a practice of meditation, yoga, and therapy, my work today likewise examines themes of healing and personal inquiry. The results invite viewers into a narrative of mixed origins where the familiar commingles with the projected, the past, the day-dreamed, and other deviating realms. 

   Tel: 815-997-7686

Montrose, CO

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